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We are able to plan, design and develop functional websites for your business. Get FREE design assessment from our web design experts. Are you looking for a clean, sharp, and professional website design that will suite to the future growth of your business or organization? You have us; with our professional web design services. Here your plans meet with our passion for design and your dreams match our dedication to providing unique, customized web design services that turns your vision into success. We can also provide ongoing website maintenance service and manage your web hosting and domain name registration.

Number of Web Pages 71220
Duration of Delivery ( Days ) 101530
FREE Domain for 1st Year
FREE Hosting for 1st Year
100% Ownership
Pricing Tsh. 300,000/=Tsh. 500,000/=Tsh. 700,000/=
+ Add-ons
Logo Design + 40,000/=+ 40,000/=+ 40,000/=
Responsive + TSh. 100,000/=+ TSh. 100,000/=+ TSh. 100,000/=
Website Content Writing + TSh. 50,000/=+ TSh. 50,000/=+ TSh. 50,000/=
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) + Tsh. 150,000/=+ Tsh. 150,000/=+ Tsh. 150,000/=
Social Media Integration + TSh. 50,000/=+ TSh. 50,000/=+ TSh. 50,000/=
Integration of Chat Application + TSh. 50,000/=+ TSh. 50,000/=+ TSh. 50,000/=
Integration of Billing Application + TSh. 80,000/=+ TSh. 80,000/=+ TSh. 80,000/=
Integration of Payment Gateway + TSh. 80,000/=+ TSh. 80,000/=+ TSh. 80,000/=

TZS 300,000/=

Basic package suitable for small business sites.Order Now

TZS 500,000/=

The standard package suitable for medium & growing sites.Order Now

TZS 700,000/=

The premium package suitable for corporate sites. Order Now

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45-day money-back is guaranteed for any plan, not WordPress hosting plans only!

Yes, check the specific plan to see how it works!

Yes, we provide a cPanel account for each plan hosted with us.

Absolutely yes, a FREE SSL service is available for every hosted site.

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