How to Create Email Account in cPanel?

How to Create Email Account in cPanel

Most of the thing that bothers many users is how to create email account in cPanel with their own domain names. Many users believe that this task is impossible to be accomplished without computer skills. They always wonder how they can create business email accounts for their own business! We all know that it is very important for businesses to have business email accounts. The use of business e-mails has many advantages to the business, although many people do not take advantage of this opportunity.

There are several steps that a business email user will need to follow to create email accounts. Before doing that, these activities are supposed to be done properly:

1: Domain Name Registration:

Domain name is the name that carries the name of your business. This name is registered specifically for use in web development. For example is a domain name. This name should be unique because it is given to one person or institution at a time. As with phone numbers, each number is sold to one person only. You can buy domain names for your business or institution through Buku Tano ~ Easy Hosting at any time. We have all the domain names you need, for example, .tz, .com, .info, .net, .org, .co, .za etc. Domain name costs depend on the type of domain name. You can check here our price list.

2: Setting up Web Hosting Account

Setting up a web hosting account is the second task to perform. Here you will be hosting servers for web and email storage. Buku Tano ~ Easy Hosting offers this service with great quality but at very low costs. From Tsh. 5,000/= only you can monopolize your domain name for a month. These costs are deducted per year so you will have to pay Tsh. 60,000/= per year. It doesn’t matter if you join a web hosting wordpress plan or linux shared web hosting, everywhere you will be able to get email accounts.

3. Log in into a cPanel Account

After registering the domain name and hosting plan, you will already have a client area account with cPanel. You can use the client area to log into your cPanel account or you can log into cPanel directly. (See the video on how to open a Buku Tano account ~ Easy Hosting).

Indeed, these costs offered by Buku Tano ~ Easy Hosting are lower compared to other web hosting service providers in Tanzania, you can compare our costs with those of other web hosting service providers through this link.

If you have managed to pay for a domain name and web hosting, then you can now watch this video below. This video shows how to create email account in cPanel.

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